Shaving bumps? Breakouts?

Shaving bumps? Breakouts?

Skin care routines can be confusing with all the different products out there.  Here is a short and sweet breakdown of the 3 most important components to up your skin game. 

Cleanse—use a foaming cleanser before you shave to reduce the amount of oil on the skin.  You can alternate between an exfoliating cleanser and a mild wash.

Moisturize— Our body reacts to stress in the environment: air pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals, UV rays. Antioxidant serum, like vitamin C,  should go on in the morning under your moisturizer, after shaving.  Use a moisturizer that has at least SPF30 and you’ll get a two- in-one. You are actually exposed to the sun at all times and this exposure adds up. If your skin is oily, you don’t need more at night. If it’s dry, use something at night without sunscreen.

Exfoliate-- Regular exfoliation is important because it gets rid of dead skin cells that stick around on the surface of our face where they can clog your pores, keep products like moisturizers from working their best, and make your skin look dull. Blair + Jack’s night formula does just this.

Let’s keep it simple! #letsskincare

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