Skincare is important to all of us.

by Bimpe Ayeni

Our skin is a snapshot of our health and can reveal underlying medical conditions, poor diet, or stress.  The great news is that by making small changes and developing a routine, the appearance of one’s skin can improve significantly.

Having a skin care routine allows you to dedicate time to your skin, which can ultimately result in an improved sense of self.  There is evidence that something as minor as creating a routine can result in improvements in one’s mood.  We all have busy lives with many demands on our time.  In spite of this, it is important to set aside self-care time, and a skin routine is the perfect way to do this.

Self-care and skin-care go hand in hand.  Our skin tells a story about us and our health before we open our mouths.  Put your best face forward; you are worth it!  #blairandjack