Hello and welcome to Blair +Jack!

Hello and welcome to Blair +Jack!

We are thrilled to introduce ourselves to you; Blair and Jack are our twin toddlers and they bring us so much joy. 

Blair + Jack has been in the making for several years. Our backgrounds in medicine, pharmacy, and business were the perfect combination to offer a solution.  How? Working in the business field means putting your best face forward every single day to make a positive impression.  Clean, healthy-looking skin goes a long way.  Also, doctors and pharmacists often come together to formulate compounds to treat different problems that show up on one’s skin.  Together, and with our different backgrounds, we teamed up to create a simple system to get to the root of your skin problems.

We are a small company, with a goal of making it easier to improve the appearance of your skin.  We believe that taking care of your largest organ (your skin) is an important part of self-care and your overall health.  We trust you to take care of what goes in your body; we have worked hard to make sure that your skin reflects your hard work.  We want to deliver medical-grade skin care to you.

We are Blair + Jack!  Follow us at: #blairandjack  Stay in touch and we look forward to helping you achieve your skin care goals.

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